The New Haven T’ai Chi Study Group meets at 5:30 PM to 7:30 (or so) Friday in the Yale Health Center during the school year. Monday and Wednesday classes are review and practice, location to be finalized shortly. Friday classes are broken into three segments: Beginning Form, Form Correction, Advanced topics (Push Hands, Da Lu, Sword, Spear)


Click on the link above to go to the study group website.


***UPDATE (10/25/17): Friday classes are held at the Yale Health Center. This is the Yale Health Center's website: Address is 55 Lock St. The building is BIG, ANGULAR, and BLACK. Parking garage is right next to it. To get to the First Floor Conference Room, go past the information desk and turn LEFT. Through doors that say Moreson Kaplan Center (or something like that). ACCESS: We have the room as of 5:00.


ALTERNATE PARKING: There is a Yale parking lot that is free to the community after 4:00. It is on Ashmun St., a couple of blocks from the Health Center. If you go up Grove St. from Prospect (one way), you would turn RIGHT at the next traffic light, after the Grove St. Cemetery. the parking lot will be on your LEFT. To get to the Health Center, just continue walking in the same direction you drove, then turn right at the next intersection. You'll be on the corner of the Yale Police dept., and the Health Center is down the street. Did I mention that it is huge, black, and angular? It's unmistakable.


If you have questions or suggestions for us, please call either Luz (203-458-7402,) or Pamela (203-488-8836.)



***UPDATE (10/25/17):Monday and Wednesday Practice Sessions will be held inside Woolsey Hall in the second floor lobby area. If the weather is still warm enough, seek us first at the Beinecke. If not there, then find us inside Woolsey, 2nd floor.


This location is temporary so please check this site if you are not in touch regularly.



During the summer (End of May - Mid September), we meet by the Beinecke Library 5:30 to 6:30.